I have started this blog with a specific vision in mind. To let the world know that there is a HOPE and PEACE that can only come through Jesus. If you are not a believer, don’t stop reading. Don’t sell me short just yet. Keep following along on this journey with me. I might surprise you!

After reading through some of the other blogs that I enjoy (Leslie Burris, specifically) I felt I should lay out some of my thoughts before getting into the mess that is my life.

  1. Everything I write will be coming from a place of love. We will get into some hard topics that have caused great hurt and bitterness in my own heart, as well as in my marriage. Thanks to much prayer and forgiveness, those are not states I am living in anymore. I will never slander my husband, my marriage or anyone else with this blog.
  2. I will be speaking with complete honesty. Everyone has their own values, morals and views on life. This blog will represent mine. I will not apologize for what I believe to be right. Having said that, I will also never judge someone who has different beliefs than me. Everyone sins differently. My sins are no greater or lesser than yours. I love feedback and constructive criticism as long as it is also coming from a place of love. This is a place for complete mutual respect.
  3. I do not take any of these topics lightly. I have made mistakes. I have regrets. I will speak openly about them. I will not make a joke of them. I share these stories to shed a light on the brokenness of this world, but to also share that redemption is real.

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