June 2nd, 1995

25 years ago, one of the most incredible people I have ever met, graced the earth with her presence.

I bet God rejoiced at the magnificence that was going to be Carolyn’s life. She had her fair share of struggles, more than most people her age. But she always faced them with grace and perseverance. Carolyn knew who was on her team and her faith never wavered because of it. When God called her home in her 19th year, I’m sure He said “well done, good and faithful servant.”

Truth be told, I did not know Carolyn well in her last few years of life. But the years I did know her are some of my most cherished memories.

When I sprained my ankle and couldn’t walk for a few weeks, Carolyn was the first person to come visit me. She brought my favourite candy (her least favourite) and we sat in my room for hours talking. She always knew how to cheer me up, even in the worst of circumstances. When I needed advice or to vent about the daily struggles of my dramatic teenage life, it was Carolyn I turned to. She always knew the right words to say. She was the calm to my storm.

Today as I was thinking about how I wanted to honour her in this post I was reading through our “friendship” on Facebook. One post in particular stood out to me. 9 years ago I went on my very first date. Carolyn knew how excited and nervous I was. I couldn’t wait to call her after the movie to tell her all about it. Well, in true Carolyn fashion, didn’t she decide to CRASH the date instead. I was in complete disbelief. Looking back on it now, it’s a funny story and I am so thankful for the memory with her. I remember that more than I do anything else about the date. We had a conversation on Facebook the next day about how we would laugh about this story in 10 years together… I’ll be sure to hold true to that next year.

Carolyn is one of the main reasons I started this blog. When we were teens we started writing a book together. It was mainly a joke, a way to pass the time when we were bored on a rainy day. But man, I wish we had finished it so I could read it now. She was always encouraging me to see my full potential as a writer. I’d give anything to sit with her and let her read everything I have written now.

Birthdays are supposed to be a celebratory time. The whole mood of a birthday changes when the person you are celebrating isn’t here anymore. Then it becomes a special time of remembrance. A time of laughter, smiles and maybe a few tears.

I always spend Carolyn’s birthday remembering the happy times we had together while listening to her favourite band, Switchfoot. I only listen to them twice a year, as a reminder of her. I’d give anything to have her here today. I know she’s in Heaven right now having a party with Jesus and looking after everyone down here who is missing her.


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